Jennifer Finch, President/CEO

Miss Finch is the President and CEO of MWS. Being a professional business development expert with over 20-years of experience developing, implementing, and fine-tuning organizational structures and operational standards, she has a personal goal to protect the livelihood of Northern California’s current industry from big corporations.

Miss Finch is a highly focused executive black belt with extensive experience in strategic planning and implementation, derived from myriad roles in the military and non-profit sectors. She is a results-oriented tactician, a collaborator and leader of multidisciplinary teams, and an effective mentor and developer of businesses and Human Resources at all levels. She looks forward in helping you through the Monthly requirements to run a business as well as assisting and guiding you through the Licensing processes of the otherwise perilous cannabis sector.


Robert Schultz, Vice Precident/CFO

Mr. Schultz is the Vice President/CFO of MWS, Being a successful Entrepreneur in the cannabis industry with over 25-years of operating and distributing experience. As well as the owner of a successful licensed liquor company, Mr. Shultz provides expert council in all aspects of the operations and business structuring. Robert is dedicated to driving Business Performance excellence for any organization or individual that is not satisfied with their current state.


Hannah Mills, Executive Administrator

Hannah has been with Magna Wealth Solutions, LLC for almost two years now.  Providing Executive Administrative and Business support to the CEO of MWS, maintaining the CEO’s calendar, plan and schedule meetings, teleconferences and travel. As a consummate professional, as well as an effective gatekeeper she prepares well-researched and accurate documents and  efficiently handles daily office tasks.

Dedicated to making lives of busy executives easier. She not only handles the office management for MWS, she also is our Accounts Payable and Receivable Specialist, Inventory Manager, The Payroll Guru, & has received her Notary Public Certification.  Some other projects she has helped with for MWS have also utilized her skills and knowledge gained in her time in the workforce.  Dedicated and hard working with attention to detail, she hopes to put her skills to work for you.


Gloria Kennard, Account Manager

Gloria is the Account Manager, Bookkeeping Clerk, and Research Assistant Extraordinaire. As a Disabled Veteran, Gloria has proven abilities to manage multiple projects at a time while paying strict attention to detail. She will be operating as the Lead Point of Contact for any and all matters specific to your account.

Along with ensuring compliance with local, county, and state entities, it is important to her to deliver a positive customer service experience. She accomplishes this by listening to each client in order to gain an understanding of their individualized needs, in order to direct them to the appropriate product or service.  Whether assisting you in starting your new business or relieving you of the day to day book-keeping and administrative tasks, her goal is delivering client-focused solutions based on your their needs.


Maureen Reilly, Sales Director

Maureen brings over three decades of corporate business experience to the Magna Wealth Solutions table in her role as Sales Director.  Her knowledge and experience in manufacturing product, marketing, sales and customer service is extensive.

Maureen worked closely with field representatives and customers all across the world to ensure that their business transactions went smoothly.  She traveled extensively representing companies at trade shows and promoting their products.  Her emphasis and top priority has always been on making sure that the end customer has everything they need to be successful.   Maureen has been able to incorporate her skill set to our business by providing invaluable tradeshow knowledge, coordinating sales, & making new customer connections

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