With the passing of Proposition 64 in California, the cannabis industry is poised to explode. As more cannabis growers enter the market, it will become increasingly important to find ways to stand out from the crowd. Growers in Humboldt County, California, are taking note of industry trends and leading the way in forward-thinking branding strategies.

For decades, Humboldt County has been well known for its world-renowned marijuana production. County officials now allow growers to label their products with an official proof of origin stamp. The label includes the county seal and a QR code that buyers can scan to verify authenticity.

Benefits of Origin Stamping

The “Humboldt Grown” stamp provides many benefits to those who are qualified to use it. The stamp of authenticity allows growers within the county to protect their well-deserved reputation.

This is now backed by California law, which prohibits the use of county names in branding for any products not actually produced in the named location.This can be compared to the wine industry, where a product cannot be labeled as “Napa.” unless it was actually produced there.

The stamp also allows county officials to track their products, helping to ensure that they don’t end up being sold on the black market or in the hands of minors.

The Artisanal Branding Trend

Many cannabis users consider themselves connoisseurs. Distinguishing cannabis products based on the growing region, similar to the way it is done in the wine industry, is the way of the future.

The Humboldt County name is associated with award-winning cannabis strains. As competition grows, authentic origin stamping will help keep large corporations and non-local growers from benefiting by falsely using the Humbolt name in their branding. This benefits long-time, local growers by creating a sense of exclusivity and allowing them to hold onto their long history of cannabis culture influence.

What’s So Special about Humboldt County Cannabis?

While cannabis grown indoors may be essentially the same from region to region, many factors influence the quality of outdoor-grown cannabis. The Emerald Triangle, where Humbolt County is located, is known for its dense forests and rich soil. This area has the capacity to grow exclusive “craft” crops which will become more popular as the cannabis market continues to thrive.

The similarities to the wine industry continue, as cannabis brands are expected to be defined by county, region, and eventually drill down to the individual grower. At some point, cannabis products may be distinguished not only by location but also by the growing methods used.

Professional Marketing Strategy Development

Growers in other regions can benefit from taking a page out of Humboldt County’s marketing playbook. The key to success lies in creating a unique persona for your brand, with a focus on quality and individuality.

In this thriving market, cannabis professionals have a unique growth opportunity. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to get bogged down with licensing and compliance, administrative, bookkeeping, and marketing obligations.

Magna Wealth Solutions provides comprehensive cannabis consulting services to help remove some of the pressure. Contact us today to learn how we can work together to position your business for long-term success.