Dots Wonder Pets

 We affectionately refer to MWS as our guardian angels; watching over us, and advising us on our business development. Since then, our company has grown by 10%.

710 Productions

 Jenny was personally involved in the planning of each project and recommended details based on her knowledge and experience, which was greatly appreciated. Thank You!!!!


  A true one stop-shop for all my business needs. Thank you :)

Sugar Leaf Holdings

 I just experienced possibly the very best customer service of all time.

Sweet Water Pond

 I met Jenny and her team at the county office; she assisted us without any knowledge of whom we are, and was so knowledgeable of the regulations. We since, have been with her and her team now for over 6 months. 

Summit Creek

Thank you MWS for all the hard work and dedication in helping us through the complex licensing; we could not have done it without you.

Humboldt Pipeline Logistics

We were recommended by a friend to come and meet the MWS team. Since then, they have been able to set up my company along with structuring. Now, I have been able to get both my temporary city and state licensing. Currently they are assisting us with our Annual applications. WOOHOO! Thank you MWS  for helping us in achieving our goals and being able to operate successfully.

Sullivan Property Development

Whenever I need to discuss my projects with them; they have always been available 24/7.  Their input has made a huge difference in the quality and the success of my company.

Hum-Bud Collective

My experience with MWS, has been unique. Not only were they able to advise in the correct course of licensing; they were able to structure and organize my whole company.  Setting up all of the departments within the company and also bring us into compliance. Thank You from the bottom of our hearts.

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